The Consumer Panel

We kicked off hearing from David Lemley , founder at Retail Voodoo, who explored how to appeal to parents for specific cohorts/age groups including: babies, tots, kids, tweens and teens during his presentation:   How to Build Better-for-You Brands That Appeal to Kids (and their parents)

There’s been an explosion of better-for-you brands seeking to capture the attention of purpose-minded consumers. That’s a good thing because the world needs more companies devoted to environmental sustainability, transparency in sourcing, clean ingredients, fair wages, and ethical practices. But, while parents want to do the best for their kids, their choices don’t always align with what their kids want. This presentation will help better-for-you brands win over moms, dads, and their kids by helping to achieve bulletproof dominance in their category.

Key Learnings:

  • How to appeal to parents for specific cohorts/age groups including: babies, tots, kids, tweens and teens.
  • How to understand how each cohort/age group influences purchase decisions and repurchases.
  • How to understand the brand/product stretch and breaking points for each age group
  • How to use this information to develop your brand and brand communications to help drive trial, velocity and raving fans.

We then brought together a panel of parents from across the country for a lively interactive video discussion exploring some pain points they experience when it comes to feeding their kids. Which meals or day parts do parents find the most challenging when it comes to finding something that’s easy, affordable, healthy, AND appealing to feed to their kids? What do they look for – or avoid – on product labels? We’ll also look at how coronavirus and school closures changed cooking habits, food choices, and how and where they shop for food.

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