Kids and the Plant-Based Trend

We heard from Kyle Gaan , Senior Analyst at The Good Food Institute on Plant-Based Parents: Data on the Decision Makers. How do parents feel about plant-based foods? What factors are important to them when they purchase plant-based foods for their kids? Join the Good Food Institute to learn the answers to these questions and more!

Key Learnings:

  • Plant-based consumption by parental status
  • Parents’ perceptions of plant-based proteins

Kyle’s presentation will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by Elaine Watson from FoodNavigator USA , who will be discussing how plant-based meat, dairy and egg products are gaining traction, from the next generation of burgers and nuggets to pea-based milks for kids with our expert panel.

To wrap this session, Marlena Hidlay , Early Life Nutrition Segment Lead, DSM Nutritional Products explored how the plant-based trend is sweeping the United States with more than 9.7MM Americans following a plant-based diet with a presentation titled Plant-Based and Power Packed Kids . Children are following suit, with more vegan and vegetarian options for kids in food, beverage and dietary supplements than ever before! But, are kids getting the nutrients they need to thrive? What are parents looking for in their children’s diet? How can consumer packaged goods companies address the growing trend and amplify their business potential? What role does personalized nutrition play in the plant-based kids’ space? We’ll discuss these topics and more in the 20-minute presentation on plant-based kids!

This interactive session included polling questions and live Q&A.

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